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Our volunteer team is supported by members of the refugee community living in Samos. They are our interpreters, cultural mediators, but most importantly, they keep our daily activities running.


Brice, 22 - Cameroon

“Alpha is a place away from the camp, to escape, spend some time, and make friends. My favourite thing to do is work in the laundry station.”


Nima, 25 - Iran

“I don’t want to talk about why we seek refuge. I will wait for a day nobody has to be a hero of a story like this. I hope for a day that the world will change to a place where people do not have to leave their countries. A world without lines. Imagine it.”


Nelly, 30 - Uganda

“As a teacher, I‘m obliged to pass on knowledge wherever I am. Because despite my current condition, I have the urge to share whatever little I have.”


Reshad, 22 - Afghanistan

“I want to help the refugees on this island, especially now with the cold. I want to thank the people for listening to us and helping us.”


Lola, 30 - Nigeria

“I love to leave the camp and the environment because of the different variety of classes and the atmosphere.”

When Lola leaves, she wants to go to nursing school or pursue her PhD in education.


Patrick, 33 - Cameroon

“Alpha brings a glimmer of hope in the hearts of the population in the camp. I love working in the laundry station, but I especially love teaching.”


Djamila, 29 - Djibouti

“I like teaching because I learn while I teach. I think teaching is giving.”


Pedram, 20 - Iran

“Alpha is my home. That’s why I am always in Alpha. I always have new ideas for Alpha.”

Abdel Aziz, 25 - Guinea

“Alpha makes good work here for people living in the camp. If I didn’t give my help, I think morally it is a problem”.

Abdel Aziz loves playing basketball, Playstation, music and working.


Rohallah, 19 - Afghanistan

“Alpha is a friendly space. I love working in a team and learning other languages. Here I feel I am part of a family.”

Yussif, 25 - Ghana

“I love Alpha because the people are nice and it’s a nice place to spend time. I get time to forget about the reason why I fled.”

Yussif loves constantly learning and politics.


Bel, 18 - D.R. of Congo

“Personally, I like to save people. I feel they all deserve my service. I love sports and spending time in university working towards my network technician degree.”


Abool Fazl, 28 - Iran

“For refugees, the first house here is Alpha, with big energy. The camp will lose its energy if Alpha closes.”


Emmanuel, 25 - Sierra Leone

“Helping people makes me happy. It’s a big part of me. Being here was not my dream. I want to leave so that I can have a better life and help more people around the world.”


Omid, 27 - Afghanistan

“I love helping people in the Alpha team, because it is the only thing that makes me happy here.”

Omid loves helping in computer class.


Payez, 27 - Kurdistan

"Alpha is doing a very good job in making a safe space for refugees and is taking good care of kids in this bad circumstance which refugees go through."


Martin Luther, 40 - Cameroon

“I engaged with Samos Volunteers to bring my stone to the building, given the support they provide to the most needy. I especially like the laundry because here you can admire the joy of the people served.”


Emad, 24 - Kurdistan

“I’m one of the refugees so seeing people help them makes me happy. It makes me happy to be able to be the one helping them.”


Mohammad Sharif, 22 - Afghanistan

"I love socialising and wanted to be in an environment to learn from people and see what I'm missing from being a real human. Being able to use my expertise in teaching and English language is also what entrusts me in being a volunteer in Alpha."


Abdul, 22 - Syria

“I like volunteering because we are helping people.“

Abdul loves fitness class.


Mohammed K, 24 - Syria

“I like to help. Laundry is my favourite thing to do because it’s quiet and I think it’s very important for the people up in the camp.”


Hossein, 39 - Afghanistan

“Because I want to help people, and people help me. I love yoga because it helps many people get healthier lives, especially here on Samos.”


Mohammad Hossain, 28 - Afghanistan

"It is always my pleasure to help people in every way, even in hard places like Samos.”

Most of the time he's in guitar class, but nowadays he's practicing his English a lot to pass the exams.